La Grange is a gorgeous vintage suburb, full of new and old large Victorian homes that surround the bustling historic downtown La Grange area.  Downtown La Grange has a variety of restaurants from sushi to premium steaks.  La Grange is always adding to its charm with new boutiques, bookstores, and restaurants. However, La Grange still has an art gallery, old fashioned movie theater, and a camera shop that have been a part of the community for many years.  La Grange is also known for great attractions like good farmer’s markets which often draw the community together during the summer/early fall months.

Roof Replacement La Grange

Illinois Roofmasters has helped a La Grange resident replace the storm damaged roof over his front porch.  The roof replacement was done quickly and professionally by our Chicago roofing company and our La Grange customer was extremely happy with the finished work.  Illinois Roofmasters is looking forward to helping many other nearby La Grange residents with their roofing, siding, gutters, or exterior/interior home needs.  We are also excited to partner with local La Grange businesses to help them with their commercial roofing needs as well.