It’s Finally Beginning To Look Like Spring

IRM May Blog PictureWe are nearing the end of May and I think Spring has finally sprung! We are pretty confident that everyone is as excited as we are that the winter weather has finally ended and a new beautiful season is upon us. Our vegetable/herb garden is planted and growing, despite the May snowfall we had last week.

Everyone we know is doing some spring cleaning and we actually just had our community clean-up day this past weekend. While I won’t get too excited about spring cleaning just yet, I do want to remind everyone that now is the perfect time to walk around your house and take a good look at the exterior and even your roof to see how it has weathered the long winter. We are hopeful that your roof did its job and kept your home warm, dry, and cozy, throughout our harsh winter. However, although we are hopeful, and know that the “polar vortex” has finally come to an end, we are also very aware that harsh weather conditions can cause unexpected leaks, blown off or missing shingles, leaking gutters, and other exterior issues. Read more

IRM March Blog

Rich-and-Rachel-JumpaAs we endure this seemingly endless harsh winter, we are anxiously anticipating a beautifully busy spring.

Since not much roofing and construction work can be done in these below zero temps with snow covered roofs, Rick Jumpa, Illinois Roofmasters President and his wife, took a trip to Peru, South America early last month.

They spent some time in Lima (the capital city), Iquitos (an island of the Amazon River), and Cusco (the home of one of the wonders of the world, Machu Picchu).

The city of Lima was exciting, despite the fact that the taxi drivers drive crazy fast, and on the ride from the airport to the hotel, the Jumpa’s taxi got into an accident, the taxi was totalled, but thankfully they only sustained minor injuries.

They continued on their trip not letting adversity stop them. Their next stop was Iquitos, and the ride down the Amazon River to meet an original Indian tribe called the Boras was even more exciting.  Read more

Illinois Roofmasters – Proudly Giving Back

As the holiday season comes to an end, and we begin a new year, we at Illinois Roofmasters are very thankful for the opportunities we had in 2013 to help the under privileged in our community and across the globe. Here is a glance at some of the things we were able to do:

    1.  We repaired a leaky roof for a women’s home on the Northside of Chicago and a men’s recovery home on the Southside of Chicago. Although they are two separate entities, they are both non-profit organizations that help men & women get a new start in life. Because of limited funding, they could not afford the roof repair, so we completed the repairs free of charge for both organizations.


    1. We sent a donation, along with three staff members of Illinois Roofmasters, who were joining a team going to Central America over the summer to help with a building project at an orphanage in Honduras. They even helped build a new 1 room house for an impoverished elderly woman that lived on a mountain side. The women was suffering from respiratory issues because her wood burning stove was inside her 1 room home, without proper ventilation.


  1. We helped a local food pantry pick up & deliver groceries to needy families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Even in the busyness of everyday American life, it is important to recognize all that we have in comparison to the little that others near and far may have. It is a core value of Illinois Roofmasters to give back! If ever you desire to join us in our efforts, please let us know, we always welcome helping hands.

We are in joyful anticipation of a great year in 2014 and hope to help even more this year than we did in 2013.

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